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Counseling Therapy at Beautiful Minds

We offer Professional Counseling services for children, adolescents, college students and families. Our counseling therapy helps you and your child through several problems:

Angry kids · Anxious children · Defiant behaviors · Depressed kids · Children dealing with divorce · Children dealing with adoption · Blended Families · Kids who feel “different” · Problems at school · Children struggling to adjust · Traumatized kids · Teenage apathy

We practice with the following theoretical approaches:

  • Cognitive-Behavioral
  • Helping clients understand how their thoughts and feelings influence behavior
  • Client-Centered
  • Supporting clients towards their goals
  • Systems Theory - understanding that each person is connected to other individuals, family members and society and what influences these connections have in a person's life

When does counseling help?

Counseling therapy helps guide people through the stresses of life. Every person reacts differently to life stressors. Some children and teens have the skills they need to cope. Others don’t. When your child exhibits behaviors that are concerning to you, it’s beneficial to reach out for additional help. Here are some signs your child may need outside support.

My child is acting out in school

Our children experience problems we never imagined. Parents can have a hard time understanding the issues children face today and need tools to help them and their children adjust. If your child's grades suddenly start to suffer or if there are new behavioral problems, there may be some underlying issues to investigate. 

My child won’t talk to me

Has your child grown detached from others? Being introverted or a “loner” isn’t necessarily cause for concern. However kids and teens who are seen as usually quiet have at least one or two friends they spend time with. If your child has become unusually introverted or is withdrawn and refuses to talk to you, professional counseling may help determine what is going on. 

My teenager doesn’t seem to care

Has your child grown detached from others or seems to not care about his or her appearance? Skipping showers, apathy towards schoolwork, a loss of interest in personal hobbies may be signs of depression. Beautiful Minds counseling can help you determine what is causing these changes and offer tools to help your child cope. 


At Beautiful Minds we help you and your child identify the source of their problems and empower your child to overcome them. We support you as a parent to know how to effectively help your child. You are not a failure. You are a loving parent that we will listen to and support.

Need someone to talk to?

Contact our office and tell us about your situation. We are always here to help.

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